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The last words of 25 famous dead writers

When you’ve dedicated your life to words, it’s important to go out eloquently. suite »

Street art as it is

Incredible sculptures of ordinary stones

Most creepiest cakes

Weird toilet seats design

Weird and bizarre toilete seats designs. Modern art. suite »

Top 5 Worst Websites In The World

There is no oficial contest for the worst website design ever, but, if there any, this could be my favorites. (WARNING: SOME OF THE FOLLOWING IMAGES COULD CAUSE EPILEPTIC SEIZURE!!!) more »

New York’s most interesting street art of 2010

That Special Moment...

src="http://www.piquantery.com/img/Misc/that-special-moment/that-special-moment26.jpg" alt="" width="570" height="624" /> These next few pictures are collections of some special moments which can make you angry, make you smile, or completely change you… suite »

A Chinese man built a house

Quidditch World Cup

As it turned out that the fictional, invented from scratch the game has become very real sport? In Quidditch played in 400 colleges, and recently held its fourth World Cup in this fabulous sport. Quidditch, which is an interesting combination of many ele… more »