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About human ingenuity

You might think that you have read enough articles about strange inventions, like ... As soon as there is the next portion of devices invented to simplify our lives... more »

Street art as it is

Maison en forme de nid d'oiseau.

Most creepiest cakes

Weird toilet seats design

Weird and bizarre toilete seats designs. Modern art. suite »

Creative packaging design

Incredible examples of photo manipulation

We present collection of incredible of photo manipulation. Some of them… you may know already, but another ones… could be new for you. What I’m sure about… all of them are simply worth of your attention. suite »

Highly Creative Self-Portraits Images

As an art director for the last 10 years, Pierre Beteille sees his self-portraits as a way to creatively express himself, a way to make the ideas in his head come to life. But don’t call Pierre an artist or photographer. Why? Because.... suite »

Fancy payphone booths from around the world